Affiliation Court Battles : How to Enter : NBA2k21 next gen

The affiliation Court Battles begins as 3 on 3 teams face off to prove they are the best not only for themselves but for their whole affiliations and to showcase to the NBA2k Community who really is the best in the world. All are welcome to enter and try to make it to the championship.

What are Affiliation Court Battles?

The Court Battle league will be hosting a 3 on 3 tournament for the community, all are welcome to enter. Different affiliations face off weekly to see who qualifies to enter the Championship Tournament. With Live coverage we will offer the best Esports for The City in all of the 2k Community.

How it works?

A 3 on 3 pre-qualifier is set up for all the community to enter and compete against other teams looking to make it to the championship tournament. Teams will play a best of 7 game series with each opponent and will advance through the pre-qualifier tournament once complete.

How to enter?

Pre Qualifiers are happening now just join our discord and contact @MagGamer #0383 and he will set you up. Official rules are here and on discord soon. Things you will need is your Affiliation, Gamer info, Console, Roster and others that will be asked of you. We want the players to know this is a safe home so we ask everyone who joins to be friendly and support those around you. Once you enter how events we hold you to a higher standard and expect you to act like a professional Esports player would. join through our discord 

Final thoughts

This is just the start of the events Court Battle League will offer but we cannot do it without the community so thank you for the inspiration. Our focus is a fun and a free place for the community to enjoy gaming while competing. All are welcome here and we expect the best to shine the brightest as we showcase the community. More news and info come daily, Stay tuned and let’s Rise together.