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The NBA Live Series has been around for over 25 years, in that time so many communities have formed with millions of fans have built friendships, created great memories and thrived as we created multitude of  cultures within the NBA live series.This article will highlight some of this and hopefully bring everyone a bit close to each other within the community.  Gaming Communities on social media is a fairly new thing but friendships and discussions has been around as long as we can remember. Debates can spark about who is the Greatest “Jordan” others might argue about which game mode is their favorite? “Franchise” There is a long list of things to be talked about and its because NBA LIVE the series has innovated time and time again with new mechanics and pushing the industry forward since 1994. As a long time fan watch the developments of communities has been a sight to see with a variety of different cultures and beliefs coming together under one series its a inspiration. Witnessing Americans dialog  compared the UK banter and the focus on certain modes for certain groups always peaks my interest. This diverse culture makes me remember why our planet earth is so incredible. With the creative design NBA LIVE built a way of living for so many and this is why we play. 


For and the Court Battle League we have run tournaments for years and planned a League for over 5 years. The timing was right for January 2019 and we had some great moments with the community showcases and playoffs. We hope to provide more good times and hopes are to bring the communities close starting with this post and the announcement of our  start of the Combine. Where league hopefuls and Community members can compete in one day tournaments together. Lets dive into some of the communities below. First thing to note is we do not run any of these pages and just want to provide everyone with a one stop place to find places to go if you need some NBA LIVE interactions. As we stated the truth is there is many different types of communities and that is perfect because you can find the place you feel most comfortable in. Weather your on Facebook, Reddit, Discord and more we hope you can stick around and build off the love we have for the series together.


The goal of this League is to offer real Esports competition for players and a home for all fans who enjoy the series. We will be here for you and want to highlight some of the many great communities out there. We know there is many more communities we missed out and encourage you to tag us on social media with the groups and communities we can add to the list below.  We will be featuring content creators and more here so feel free to Reach out to @CourtBattle and send in the info so we can have you and others part of this family. We will watch top players compete for the Court Battle Crown and host events for the community so stay engaged right here. Enjoy the Court Battles.

“The league is made for the players and fans who want the best competition.”




  • What to expect
  • Live coverage
  • 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 tournaments
  • Court Battle Laugh videos
  • Community contest
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The League

The Court Battle league is all about highest level of Competition, Players and team must win the pre-qualifier to enter the Qualifier tournaments to become a official CBL team and enter the season. If your interested in making it into the league first you must  Follow instructions below on how to enter. The league is open to all and its free so join now and enjoy the Court battles. 

REGISTRATION                                            Schedules

                                          How to enter Combine