Introducing the CBL Combine

We are excited to introduce the Court Battle League Combine Qualifiers – the first phase of qualifying for the Court Battle League. It will run from May 26 – June 16th 2020. All players who win 25 games during this time will enter the Qualifiers.


Players who register to our site and contact CBL Mod in our forums and follow the instructions to active their profiles as players will be able to compete in the Combine.  Details on how will be here How to enter Combine

Key Dates for live coverage

5/26 – 7pm-10pm (est)

5/28 – 7pm-10pm (est)

6/2 – 7pm-10pm (est)

6/4 – 7pm-10pm (est)

6/9 – 7pm-10pm (est)

6/11 – 7pm-10pm (est)

Weekend live coverage is TBA

The month long format allows us to setup 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 tournaments featuring the community vs players in the league and those hoping to join. Scheduling will be based on players and teams agreeing on times to go head to head but officials will require footage and live streaming of each game. More details on these things next week. 


During the combine we will be measuring statistics and seeing who will be the #1 draft pick so bring your game and be efficient.  Teams already set will be in there own and might not draft you but as long as you show promise you will be top draft for teams in need of players.  Even micheal Jordan wasnt drafted #1 overall so make your mark in the league and be the next MJ. 

Whats next?

We get ready for the Combine and setup the tournaments with the teams ranked highest as top seeds and we let the Basketball Skills speak for themselves. More details on rules regulations and more  coming soon. 


Be sure to follow @CourtBattle on Twitter for future updates.


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