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[Sticky] How to enter the combine

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Hello and thank you for your interest in the CBL League, We welcome all players to join in as this League is made for you. We announce the combine here. You are here to learn how to enter into the League and we have the answers. First you must register on this site via here or look at our main menu where it says register. Check your email it might endup in spam depending which service you use. once you active your account you want to contact CBL MOD who handles assigning players to the roles they are going in. Wheather your a new players looking to make it or a veteran player from previous CBL seasons the process is the same. Inform CBL Mod of these things so they can process you into our systems.


Your Nickname on our site.

Email address.

Status (Free agent, player on which team, Team captain.

For team captains you must provide all your players info so they can get approved by CBL MOD.


Once you are integrated to the system you can keep track of things through our site. Players and teams must be scheduled. Every week we will host live coverage and setup matches for players for a match each week.You must win 25 games only from our matchups before the end date june 11th. Players must submit the results on there Player lounge thread called Results in the forums.Leave the date and results so we can use for the league. 


This thread will be updated with further information as we go forward, Stay tuned in and enjoy the Court Battles. 


Commissioner MagGamer



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