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Apex Legends by CBL

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Hello Apex legends family, it’s been a great two plus years of the game and esports events for gamers to enjoy. I am very excited to announce that Court Battle League has joined in on bringing our community focus esports events to the Apex legends space. A brief history, I (Ralphie o) @MagGamerInc have been a huge fan of Titanfall where I have named it Titanfall 2 my GOTY and one of the greatest FPS shooters of all time. This said I trust in respawn as they know video games and most of all they understand the players so my commitment to Apex comes from that respect I have for the studio in charge of it. With history about me out the way we are here to talk about the move for CBL to do Apex events, This comes after falling deeper in love with Season 8 and now Season 9 content. The arena mode has been something I dreamed of since Apex Legends was announced and while we do not have private arena lobbies yet I will keep the faith that the day will come we run events featuring Arena. For now we are focused on the Battle Royale scene and offering some cool new avenues for the community to enjoy.



I am an independent esports organizer so I have full freedom to get creative and bring what the community wants and some things I feel it needs. Featuring creators often is a goal because I believe the players make games popular and help set the trends for the future. I look to have community ideas be shaped into awesome events we will bring forward through poll voting and discussions. One thing I really like is the match point system in BR games as it is an exciting ending and I hope to create more new ways like this for the games to add value to the viewers but also the players. The goal is to go from an indie esports setup to a sponsored organization who keeps its feet on the ground and has the pulse of the players and viewers so that we can stay true to the movement within our passions.

Currently doing this as a passion project because the joy and excitement of great games and community fill my life with happiness. I expect to create memories of good times and esports events people will be on the edge of their seats playing in or watching. It’s all for you by the community so join me on this journey as we look to create A Champion’s Legacy during our Tournament series. For more Information on events head to our new Apex Discord server.

Rules for event are as follow.

This will be a Match point format event.

Match point system: The 20 Teams will compete in private BR matches until a tournament winner is declared. The points are based on their placement in each round as follows:

1st place = 12 points
2nd place = 9 points
3rd place = 7 points
4th place = 5 points
5th place = 4 points
6th, 7th place = 3 points
8th- 10th place = 2 points
11th-15th place = 1 points
16th-20th place = 0 points

Kills one point.

Once a Team reaches fifty (50) points “Match Point Threshold”), That Team is Match Point Eligible, winning a Match (placing first) after the Match in which they reach the Match Point Threshold will result in them being declared winners of the Champion’s Legacy Tournament for that night.

Our Twitch is how all players will Check ins between 7:30pm est
The lobby will open at 7:45pm et and codes will be sent to team captains.

To enter submit your team through our discord, link below. 

Submit team info format

Team: input name
First Player discord – origin/steam – Stream link
Second Player discord – origin/steam – Stream link
Third Player discord – origin/steam – Stream link

Submit all info in one message please, After that the Team captain must contact @MagGamer to be confirmed via our discord.



For Respawns official news head to


“This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc.”


Become a Live Legends – 2021 Season announced – Dont call it a Comeback

-Welcome to Court Battle League


We are excited to announce the 2021 Season begins shortly and all are welcome to join us as players in the Season and playoffs or viewers watching our live coverage. We manage teams through our discord so head over there and reach out to @MagGamer he runs the League and is happy to build with you as a player or team. As owner he wants to lift everyone so they can perform at the highest level. The website will have interactive stats and standing for the Official teams. There is much to get into but today we wanted to leave you with our Official Trailer and League info below. Enjoy and welcome to the Court Battle League.

Check out some League rules and information below in this gallery.





Affiliation Court Battle rules


Rules and regulations

Court Battle League is excited to announce the AFFILIATION Court Battles begins here. We welcome all sports fans to watch and join the CBL community as we present live coverage of games and full breakdown of stats and plays. The commissioner has worked hard to get this event started and will continue with your support. Let’s get into everything you can expect from the events.

The affiliation Court Battles are 3 on 3 matchups between each affiliations in the city to prove which is the best of them all. We start off with pre-qualifiers where teams compete in best of 7 series versus other affiliations to make it into the championship tournament.

Team captains:

The captains are the ones who work with the league and handle all the teams important matters. We will list everything required from teams and their captains below.

Info to submit:

The gamertags/PSN names of all 6 players on the roster.
Which 2k server location are you?
Stream link


Teams you are facing must agree upon a time and date to play, Once agreed both captains must submit the schedule times on our Discord channel called “ Matchup scheduling” there has to be an official post as there is no Verbal agreements for confirmation. If a team is more than 20 mins late to the agreed time they will forfeit the game. Once agreed on date and time submit to the league 48 hours before the matchup.

Stats and results

Stats from both teams must be submitted to staff for each game on the “results and disputes” channel and must be done by both team captains. A tip is to ask your whole team to try and take screenshots of stats.

Roster setup:

6 are the maximum number of players allowed on one team and there will be no releasing players, signing players once the qualifiers finish.

Courts and in-game rules:

Players will play on a private court pro-am and Each Team must create a nice looking court adding “Court Battle League” on both baselines text areas. Subject to change depending on the stability of servers.


Teams should have the colors of their affiliation when playing league games.

Lag outs

Teams are allowed to restart once per game if lagged out but must play on after the first 5 points total between both teams are scored. Anything after that is a Play on.

General rules

It goes without saying glitches, bugs and any cheating will result in elimination of the whole team. This includes off the court tampering or harassment of any CBL representatives. We do not need to write out any of these things as it’s common sense to be a decent human and if you are part of the Court Battle League in any way you are held to a higher standard then most. If an official Staff member or anyone in our community does anything please report it to our commissioner MagGamerInc and he will handle it with care. We take all feedback seriously and look forward to players, fans and staff giving us feedback on things to improve going forward.


With much to break down we wanted to target the general rules for players. Here are some other simple things players must do. One player per team must stream from start to finish of every game played. This is to monitor games and for live coverage. Besides this we hope players can make highlight reels of their teams in games as the league will be releasing some great content and your footage can be submitted for use in official league shows.

Hiring staff

The Court Battle League is made by the community and for the community so players and fans are welcome to join us and help lift our players, teams and community together. Contact our Commissioner @MagGamerInc on twitter.

How to enter article below.

Affiliation Court Battles : How to Enter : NBA2k21 next gen

Stay tuned through our official website

Affiliation Court Battles : How to Enter : NBA2k21 next gen

The affiliation Court Battles begins as 3 on 3 teams face off to prove they are the best not only for themselves but for their whole affiliations and to showcase to the NBA2k Community who really is the best in the world. All are welcome to enter and try to make it to the championship.

What are Affiliation Court Battles?

The Court Battle league will be hosting a 3 on 3 tournament for the community, all are welcome to enter. Different affiliations face off weekly to see who qualifies to enter the Championship Tournament. With Live coverage we will offer the best Esports for The City in all of the 2k Community.

How it works?

A 3 on 3 pre-qualifier is set up for all the community to enter and compete against other teams looking to make it to the championship tournament. Teams will play a best of 7 game series with each opponent and will advance through the pre-qualifier tournament once complete.

How to enter?

Pre Qualifiers are happening now just join our discord and contact @MagGamer #0383 and he will set you up. Official rules are here and on discord soon. Things you will need is your Affiliation, Gamer info, Console, Roster and others that will be asked of you. We want the players to know this is a safe home so we ask everyone who joins to be friendly and support those around you. Once you enter how events we hold you to a higher standard and expect you to act like a professional Esports player would. join through our discord 

Final thoughts

This is just the start of the events Court Battle League will offer but we cannot do it without the community so thank you for the inspiration. Our focus is a fun and a free place for the community to enjoy gaming while competing. All are welcome here and we expect the best to shine the brightest as we showcase the community. More news and info come daily, Stay tuned and let’s Rise together.

Live Community

The NBA Live Series has been around for over 25 years, in that time so many communities have formed with millions of fans have built friendships, created great memories and thrived as we created multitude of  cultures within the NBA live series.This article will highlight some of this and hopefully bring everyone a bit close to each other within the community.  Gaming Communities on social media is a fairly new thing but friendships and discussions has been around as long as we can remember. Debates can spark about who is the Greatest “Jordan” others might argue about which game mode is their favorite? “Franchise” There is a long list of things to be talked about and its because NBA LIVE the series has innovated time and time again with new mechanics and pushing the industry forward since 1994. As a long time fan watch the developments of communities has been a sight to see with a variety of different cultures and beliefs coming together under one series its a inspiration. Witnessing Americans dialog  compared the UK banter and the focus on certain modes for certain groups always peaks my interest. This diverse culture makes me remember why our planet earth is so incredible. With the creative design NBA LIVE built a way of living for so many and this is why we play. 


For and the Court Battle League we have run tournaments for years and planned a League for over 5 years. The timing was right for January 2019 and we had some great moments with the community showcases and playoffs. We hope to provide more good times and hopes are to bring the communities close starting with this post and the announcement of our  start of the Combine. Where league hopefuls and Community members can compete in one day tournaments together. Lets dive into some of the communities below. First thing to note is we do not run any of these pages and just want to provide everyone with a one stop place to find places to go if you need some NBA LIVE interactions. As we stated the truth is there is many different types of communities and that is perfect because you can find the place you feel most comfortable in. Weather your on Facebook, Reddit, Discord and more we hope you can stick around and build off the love we have for the series together.


The goal of this League is to offer real Esports competition for players and a home for all fans who enjoy the series. We will be here for you and want to highlight some of the many great communities out there. We know there is many more communities we missed out and encourage you to tag us on social media with the groups and communities we can add to the list below.  We will be featuring content creators and more here so feel free to Reach out to @CourtBattle and send in the info so we can have you and others part of this family. We will watch top players compete for the Court Battle Crown and host events for the community so stay engaged right here. Enjoy the Court Battles.

“The league is made for the players and fans who want the best competition.”




  • What to expect
  • Live coverage
  • 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 tournaments
  • Court Battle Laugh videos
  • Community contest
Community               Watch here



The League

The Court Battle league is all about highest level of Competition, Players and team must win the pre-qualifier to enter the Qualifier tournaments to become a official CBL team and enter the season. If your interested in making it into the league first you must  Follow instructions below on how to enter. The league is open to all and its free so join now and enjoy the Court battles. 

REGISTRATION                                            Schedules

                                          How to enter Combine

Introducing the CBL Combine

We are excited to introduce the Court Battle League Combine Qualifiers – the first phase of qualifying for the Court Battle League. It will run from May 26 – June 16th 2020. All players who win 25 games during this time will enter the Qualifiers.


Players who register to our site and contact CBL Mod in our forums and follow the instructions to active their profiles as players will be able to compete in the Combine.  Details on how will be here How to enter Combine

Key Dates for live coverage

5/26 – 7pm-10pm (est)

5/28 – 7pm-10pm (est)

6/2 – 7pm-10pm (est)

6/4 – 7pm-10pm (est)

6/9 – 7pm-10pm (est)

6/11 – 7pm-10pm (est)

Weekend live coverage is TBA

The month long format allows us to setup 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 tournaments featuring the community vs players in the league and those hoping to join. Scheduling will be based on players and teams agreeing on times to go head to head but officials will require footage and live streaming of each game. More details on these things next week. 


During the combine we will be measuring statistics and seeing who will be the #1 draft pick so bring your game and be efficient.  Teams already set will be in there own and might not draft you but as long as you show promise you will be top draft for teams in need of players.  Even micheal Jordan wasnt drafted #1 overall so make your mark in the league and be the next MJ. 

Whats next?

We get ready for the Combine and setup the tournaments with the teams ranked highest as top seeds and we let the Basketball Skills speak for themselves. More details on rules regulations and more  coming soon. 


Be sure to follow @CourtBattle on Twitter for future updates.