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Hello Apex legends family, it’s been a great two plus years of the game and esports events for gamers to enjoy. I am very excited to announce that Court Battle League has joined in on bringing our community focus esports events to the Apex legends space. A brief history, I (Ralphie o) @MagGamerInc have been a huge fan of Titanfall where I have named it Titanfall 2 my GOTY and one of the greatest FPS shooters of all time. This said I trust in respawn as they know video games and most of all they understand the players so my commitment to Apex comes from that respect I have for the studio in charge of it. With history about me out the way we are here to talk about the move for CBL to do Apex events, This comes after falling deeper in love with Season 8 and now Season 9 content. The arena mode has been something I dreamed of since Apex Legends was announced and while we do not have private arena lobbies yet I will keep the faith that the day will come we run events featuring Arena. For now we are focused on the Battle Royale scene and offering some cool new avenues for the community to enjoy.



I am an independent esports organizer so I have full freedom to get creative and bring what the community wants and some things I feel it needs. Featuring creators often is a goal because I believe the players make games popular and help set the trends for the future. I look to have community ideas be shaped into awesome events we will bring forward through poll voting and discussions. One thing I really like is the match point system in BR games as it is an exciting ending and I hope to create more new ways like this for the games to add value to the viewers but also the players. The goal is to go from an indie esports setup to a sponsored organization who keeps its feet on the ground and has the pulse of the players and viewers so that we can stay true to the movement within our passions.

Currently doing this as a passion project because the joy and excitement of great games and community fill my life with happiness. I expect to create memories of good times and esports events people will be on the edge of their seats playing in or watching. It’s all for you by the community so join me on this journey as we look to create A Champion’s Legacy during our Tournament series. For more Information on events head to our new Apex Discord server.

Rules for event are as follow.

This will be a Match point format event.

Match point system: The 20 Teams will compete in private BR matches until a tournament winner is declared. The points are based on their placement in each round as follows:

1st place = 12 points
2nd place = 9 points
3rd place = 7 points
4th place = 5 points
5th place = 4 points
6th, 7th place = 3 points
8th- 10th place = 2 points
11th-15th place = 1 points
16th-20th place = 0 points

Kills one point.

Once a Team reaches fifty (50) points “Match Point Threshold”), That Team is Match Point Eligible, winning a Match (placing first) after the Match in which they reach the Match Point Threshold will result in them being declared winners of the Champion’s Legacy Tournament for that night.

Our Twitch is how all players will Check ins https://twitch.tv/CourtBattle) between 7:30pm est
The lobby will open at 7:45pm et and codes will be sent to team captains.

To enter submit your team through our discord, link below. 

Submit team info format

Team: input name
First Player discord – origin/steam – Stream link
Second Player discord – origin/steam – Stream link
Third Player discord – origin/steam – Stream link

Submit all info in one message please, After that the Team captain must contact @MagGamer to be confirmed via our discord.



For Respawns official news head to https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/news/algs-championship


“This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc.”