Affiliation Court Battle rules


Rules and regulations

Court Battle League is excited to announce the AFFILIATION Court Battles begins here. We welcome all sports fans to watch and join the CBL community as we present live coverage of games and full breakdown of stats and plays. The commissioner has worked hard to get this event started and will continue with your support. Let’s get into everything you can expect from the events.

The affiliation Court Battles are 3 on 3 matchups between each affiliations in the city to prove which is the best of them all. We start off with pre-qualifiers where teams compete in best of 7 series versus other affiliations to make it into the championship tournament.

Team captains:

The captains are the ones who work with the league and handle all the teams important matters. We will list everything required from teams and their captains below.

Info to submit:

The gamertags/PSN names of all 6 players on the roster.
Which 2k server location are you?
Stream link


Teams you are facing must agree upon a time and date to play, Once agreed both captains must submit the schedule times on our Discord channel called “ Matchup scheduling” there has to be an official post as there is no Verbal agreements for confirmation. If a team is more than 20 mins late to the agreed time they will forfeit the game. Once agreed on date and time submit to the league 48 hours before the matchup.

Stats and results

Stats from both teams must be submitted to staff for each game on the “results and disputes” channel and must be done by both team captains. A tip is to ask your whole team to try and take screenshots of stats.

Roster setup:

6 are the maximum number of players allowed on one team and there will be no releasing players, signing players once the qualifiers finish.

Courts and in-game rules:

Players will play on a private court pro-am and Each Team must create a nice looking court adding “Court Battle League” on both baselines text areas. Subject to change depending on the stability of servers.


Teams should have the colors of their affiliation when playing league games.

Lag outs

Teams are allowed to restart once per game if lagged out but must play on after the first 5 points total between both teams are scored. Anything after that is a Play on.

General rules

It goes without saying glitches, bugs and any cheating will result in elimination of the whole team. This includes off the court tampering or harassment of any CBL representatives. We do not need to write out any of these things as it’s common sense to be a decent human and if you are part of the Court Battle League in any way you are held to a higher standard then most. If an official Staff member or anyone in our community does anything please report it to our commissioner MagGamerInc and he will handle it with care. We take all feedback seriously and look forward to players, fans and staff giving us feedback on things to improve going forward.


With much to break down we wanted to target the general rules for players. Here are some other simple things players must do. One player per team must stream from start to finish of every game played. This is to monitor games and for live coverage. Besides this we hope players can make highlight reels of their teams in games as the league will be releasing some great content and your footage can be submitted for use in official league shows.

Hiring staff

The Court Battle League is made by the community and for the community so players and fans are welcome to join us and help lift our players, teams and community together. Contact our Commissioner @MagGamerInc on twitter.

How to enter article below.

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