Court Battle League recently Designed a new Logo and the focus outside of a clean professional look was to add meaning to our Logo. Considering Micheal Jordan as the Greatest the Commissioner feels Kobe Bryant was the Best player overall as far as ability. We took the legendary dunk Kobe did lifting his back legs as he dunked as a symbol of his excellence and hope to offer the same passion that Mamba Mentality had. #MambaMentality



Our Goals

We look to offer the Basketball Community a home for entertainment, competition and professional coverage of both. Sign up to engage in our forums and for a chance to be a player. 


Join Us 


We will be hosting weekly events showcasing the Community and our players together as one. The goal is to highlight the passionate and talented community through events fun to watch or play in.


Sign up through our discord. Hello Apex legends family, it's been a great two plus years of the game
-Welcome to Court Battle League   We are excited to announce the 2021 Season begins shortly and all are welcome
  Rules and regulations Court Battle League is excited to announce the AFFILIATION Court Battles begins here. We welcome all
The affiliation Court Battles begins as 3 on 3 teams face off to prove they are the best not only
The Court Battle League is for the NBA LIVE community, We look to offer a home for real competitive drive
We are excited to introduce the Court Battle League Combine Qualifiers - the first phase of qualifying for the Court

Ralphie otero

Owner – Designer – COMMISSIONER 

“Creating this League is about the gaming community deserving a fan focused esports organization that will provide them a very real chance at being showcased and entertained.”